Lean Accounting Elevator Speech
by Brian H. Maskell, President BMA Inc.

Lean Accounting enables your company to greatly increase profits and cash flow.

Lean Accounting is the accounting, control, and measurement system used by successful lean organizations to control and manage their operations, empower their people to make sound business decisions tailored to their lean goals, and to motivate lean improvement every day.
Lean Accounting provides timely management accounting information, lean-focused operational measurements, and is fully compliant for all external financial reporting. Lean Accounting gives your people - at every level - clear and understandable information that they can readily use to improve the business and grow the business.
Lean Accounting is much less work than traditional management accounting. It frees up time for most of your people because lean accounting is simple and requires very few transactions
Traditional management accounting and operational measures push back against lean because they were designed to motivate mass production methods. Lean Accounting drives lean forwards because it is designed for lean thinking, continuous improvement, growth, cash, and profitability.

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