The BMA Lean Accounting Webinar Program is designed specifically for Executive, Financial and Operational Managers of lean companies to learn the principles, practices and tools of lean accounting, how to create and use a box score, and how to implement lean accounting in 6 months.

The Program is structured to be:

  • Convenient – attend the webinars from your own desk; no need for any travel. Each webinar lasts only 1 hour.
  • Flexible – the Lean Accounting Webinars are offered monthly (twice daily) throughout the year, so you can learn at your own pace. 
  • Interactive – receive personal, free web-based consultation with BMA.
  • Affordable - $400 per webinar series per person. For groups of 5 or more, $260 per person when they sign up together. (35% discount)
Webinar Learning Objectives
“Lean Accounting in 6 Months” is the goal of the Lean Accounting Webinar Series. The Webinar Series gives you the training and tools to present a formal proposal to implement lean accounting in your company in 6 months.
You will learn step-by-step instructions on how to create a lean accounting box score and demonstrate how the box score will be used in your business. You will learn how to use your own model box score to illustrate the benefits of using lean accounting in your business. Finally, you will assess your company to determine the best implementation approach and create your own 6 month implementation plan to present to management.

The BMA Lean Accounting Webinar Program
The webinars are organized into 3 one-week webinar series. The webinar program is sequenced to provide basic training on lean accounting practices, teach how to apply & use the box score in your business and teach you how to develop a specific implementation plan for your business

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Series 1: LEARN: An Introduction to Lean Accounting

Series 2: DEMONSTRATE: Lean Decision Making using the Box Score
Series 3: IMPLEMENT: Implementing Lean Accounting

2012 Lean Accounting Webinar Program Schedule:
Introduction to Lean Accounting Decision Making Using the Box Score Implementing Lean Accounting
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Pricing Per Series of 5 webinars
Individual: $400
Group: $260 per person (5 or more people from the same company who register together)

The BMA Lean Accounting Webinar Series is also available to companies on an individual basis. We will customize the Lean Accounting Webinar Series according to your schedule; an unlimited number of people from your company can attend the webinars and BMA will offer up to 5 hours of free web-based meetings to help you prepare for your implementation. Contact BMA’s Associate Director, Susan Lilly at +1 (609) 239-1080 or sjlilly@maskell.com for more information & custom pricing.

About BMA Inc.
BMA Inc. is the world’s leading authority on lean accounting. BMA has written the best-selling books on lean accounting: Practical Lean Accounting and The Lean Business Management System; developed and provided training on the lean accounting practices & methods and helped companies large and small implement lean accounting through our proven implementation methodology This includes several major multi-national organization as well as small and medium sized privately held companies.. To learn more about BMA Inc. visit our web site: www.maskell.com

Webinar Instructors
All webinars will be taught by BMA Staff, who collectively have over 50 years of hands-on experience providing training and helping companies implement lean accounting. Our 2012 webinars will be taught by Nick Katko.


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