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2013 Dates:

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Duration: 5 hours total (5 webinars, 1 hr each). Available until 12/31/2013
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What You Will Learn

A fast-paced series of 5 one-hour webinars designed to teach the concepts and key aspecys of Lean Accounting to Execuives, Finance & Operations Managers and Accounting. Learn how to build a beta box score and demonstrate the benefits of moving to Lean Accounting in your company.

Day-by-Day Contents:
Day 1:
Overview of the Lean Accounting System Learn the key ideas of lean Accounting and the architecture for the lean management system. Develop a "go forward" vision to jump start your company on the road to lean management.
Day 2:
Performance Measurements: Explore the reasons why Lean performance Measurements are crucial to managing a lean company. Lean about the BMA "Starter Set" and get tools you can apply immediately to developing your company's value stream performance measurements.
Day 3:
Lean Cost Management. Explore the reasons why lean manufacturing needs a new way to account for value stream costs. Lean what a lean cost management system looks like and how it works. Practice setting up your own company's value stream income statement.
Day 4:
Value Stream Capacity & Decision Making. Explore how to analyze capacity, how to use value stream capacity and how to use the box score to make good lean business decisions. You will practice decisions making using typical scenarios most companies encounter.
Day 5:
Lean Controls & Transaction Elimination. Explore the waste created by transaction tracking. Take a deep look at how to link your efforts to reduce this waste to strategic objectives. Examine examples of transaction elimination strategies.


Your Instructor

All webinars will be taught by BMA Staff, who collectively have over 50 years of hands-on experience providing training and helping companies implement lean accounting. These webinars will be taught by Nick Katko.


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