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Buck Knives, Post Falls ID,
"has so fervently embraced lean that it now does nearly everything differently..." including marrying lean accounting principles and practices to their continuous improvement efforts. Here's how they did it.
Curbing Waste at Power Curbers
An equipment manufacturer makes a success of lean, and applies lean accounting. This article was originally published by The Fabricator June 2009.
Journey to Agile Manufacturing
Find out where you stand on the journey...BMA Inc. has developed a self-assessment document that is intended to be used by manufacturing managers who are on the journey to Agile Manufacturing.
Lean Accounting Diagnostic
This valuable assessment tool allows a company to diagnose where it stands with lean accounting.
Lean Accounting Principles, Practices & Tools Matrix
This matrix graphically relates the five principles of Lean Accounting to their underlying principles, and the tools that can be used to implement them.
Lean Accounting: What's It All About?
This article was originally published in Target Magazine, the publication of AME, in 2006
Lean Performance Measurements Starter Set
This set of measures we term the "Performance Measurements Starter Set." - a "strawman" set of measures that can be tailored by individual companies to meet their own unique characteristics.
Why Lean Accounting PowerPoint Slide Show
This hour long slide show reall works to answer the question, why lean accounting?
Why Lean Accounting? in PDF format
This is the PDF version of the "Why Lean Accounting?" slide show.
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